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Science….it’s about rigor


Sagan’s idea for a “solar sailer” about to get a test flight

Way cool….

Legendary astronomer Carl Sagan once envisioned a solar sailer, a spaceship that uses sunlight radiation to push itself through the solar system much like a boat relies on the wind. Decades later, his project is about to become a practical reality. The Planetary Society (which was co-founded by Sagan) has scheduled the first test flight for just such a solar vehicle, the LightSail, on May 20th.


NIH Reports Global Pandemic of Fake Meds

And this doesn’t even get into the homeopathy….

Global pandemic of fake medicines poses urgent risk, scientists say

Poor quality medicines are a real and urgent threat that could undermine decades of successful efforts to combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, according to the editors of a collection of journal articles published today. Scientists report up to 41 percent of specimens failed to meet quality standards in global studies of about 17,000 drug samples. Among the collection is an article describing the discovery of falsified and substandard malaria drugs that caused an estimated 122,350 deaths in African children in 2013. Other studies identified poor quality antibiotics, which may harm health and increase antimicrobial resistance. However, new methodologies are being developed to detect problem drugs at the point of purchase and show some promise, scientists say….. Continue reading →

“Foodbabe”. It is pronounced Crackpot

This women may well be adding to the flu death tolls by spreading disinformation and discouraging people to not get vaccinated. Shame on you, Vani.…/food-babe-or-fear-babe-as-activist-s-p…

The food system is awash in chemicals and additives. One woman has made a career out of investigating them. But a cadre of critics says she’s creating more…

Farewell, Mr. Spock

Farewell, Mr. Spock.…I studied science because of you.

Thomas Kuhn

SciRev CoverI don’t have a lot of time for off line reading these days, but I do try to get through a few pages of something thought provoking each week. Lately, that’s been reading Thomas Kuhn‘s “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions“. It’s pretty interesting stuff (The Philosophy/History of Science) and definitely related to my profession; I don’t know why I haven’t read it before now. Well, actually I do. I suppose I’ve always felt a little vain.

The author and I share a surname. I believe we are distantly related. I’ve seen a photo of Thomas and the family resemblance is definitely there-He looks a lot like my grandfather.  I will have to check to see how distant our relation actually is.TSK

Anyway, I’ve gotten over feelings of being vain and am slowly making my way through the book. I’ll probably be posting some thoughts on it as I make my way through it, and thought this post would serve to anchor these subsequent posts.