Defending Pharma

As all of the discussion on Healthcare reform comes to a head, I think it warrants some comments from me regarding “The Greed of Pharma”.  Let me start by saying that Pharma is a for-profit business like any other.

I think it is important to note that neither pharma (nor the insurance industry for that matter) has particularly high profitability (ROE %’s). The following industries have a higher ROE % (Return on Equity rating) than Pharma (21 of them, and in the order listed). Cigarettes has nearly triple Pharma’s profitibility (and the US Gov is a de facto share holder); Aerospace has double. So why would Pharma be expected to foot the healthcare bill (and squeal like a pig -to paraphrase Congressman Marion Berry of Arkansas) when there are so many other more deserving candidates?



Aerospace/Defense – Major Diversified

Information & Delivery Services

Diversified Computer Systems

Cleaning Products

Beverages – Wineries & Distillers

Processed & Packaged Goods

Auto Parts Stores

Education & Training Services

Application Software

Personal Services

Food Wholesale

Industrial Metals & Minerals


Gas Utilities

Management Services

Personal Products

Personal Computers

Agricultural Chemicals

Diversified Communication

Electronics Stores



Wellsphere Affiliation

I was recently invited by Dr. Geoffrey Rutledge to join the Wellsphere Blogging Community. This was quite a surprise and I was quite flattered.

That being said I wasn’t really sure how I’d fit in at Wellsphere. GxP Zone is a bit of an odd-ball in that community, but I suppose GxP Zone would be a little odd in any blogging community…I really don’t know of any other blog that examines the same sorts of topics in quite the same way. I emailed Geoff and he apparently really liked the post I wrote on ALCOA. In any case, after emailing a bit with Geoff, I’ve decided to join and am excited about the affiliation. Thanks very much.

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