Enjoy the Facebook

Life is hard. Though each of us use the Facebook in our own way, many of us look to it and our networks for support and connections, shared memories, and friends we don’t see anymore due to distance or other circumstances.

We look to not feel alone, or as
alone as we might during life’s challenges….sometimes awful challenges. And though some of us share these challenges online, some keep them more or less to ourselves….to each his own. The point is, we each have a little window into the lives of our network of friends. We can, in a small way, share the joys and sorrows.

There are those who feel that online connections somehow take us away from true relationships; that they aren’t real. I would disagree. While online connections can never be the same as in-person connections, connecting with our larger circle of friends brings us all a little closer. And the benefits of this and of sharing a little sliver of life can be very real. Sometimes it can be just enough to get us through the day. So this morning, as I thought about this over my coffee, I raised my cup to each of you. Thanks for being there.