Disturbing Discovery by FDA that Chocolate often has undeclared Milk

Since I have a son with food allergies, I was appalled by this story that FDA has determined that chocolate often has undeclared milk. Click the link below to the full story for more information.

What FDA Learned About Dark Chocolate and Milk Allergies

Note: This Consumer Update sheds further light on the results of an FDA study on milk in dark chocolate shared in an earlier story. For more detail, read the study results.

If you’re allergic to milk and you love dark chocolate, how do you know whether you can indulge in a candy bar without having an allergic reaction? That’s what the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wanted to learn, especially after receiving reports that consumers had harmful reactions after eating dark chocolate.



Sagan’s idea for a “solar sailer” about to get a test flight

Way cool….

Legendary astronomer Carl Sagan once envisioned a solar sailer, a spaceship that uses sunlight radiation to push itself through the solar system much like a boat relies on the wind. Decades later, his project is about to become a practical reality. The Planetary Society (which was co-founded by Sagan) has scheduled the first test flight for just such a solar vehicle, the LightSail, on May 20th.