sqaThe Society of Quality Assurance is a great professional society for those of us working in Quality Assurance, etc. in Pharma and related industries. I just received email notification that the Quality Assurance Journal from April is now online……This is the one that contained all the abstracts from the annual meeting. A bit slow to move from print to electronic, but I suppose better late than never:

Quality Assurance Journal Volume 12, Issue 2 Content Alert
Dear SQA Colleague:

The Quality Assurance Journal, Volume 12, Issue 2 is now available online! To access the content, please log into the SQA members-only website at http://www.sqa.org and visit the My Membership page from the menu at the top. The link to the Journal is available on the right side of the page under Publications. SQA Members do not need a separate login to access the Journal through the SQA website. The content listing for this issue is available below. All paid members of SQA receive an online subscription to the QA Journal, included with membership in SQA. If you are interested in contributing to the Journal, please review the information regarding submissions available on the SQA website.

We hope you find this information useful.


Elliott Graham, RQAP-GLP, Executive Director

Allison Travis, Program Director

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Additionally, I would encourage any Quality professional (in the Pharma or related space) who does not yet belong to SQA to consider joining. You can learn a lot and remind yourself of things you already know.

Oh, I nearly forgot. There is also an SQA group on LinkedIn. I encourge you to join that as well.