Server Crash – what would the impact be?

I was reading Eric Zeman’s post on the recent Nokia server crash in which *data was lost*.finlandnokia

Server Crash Deletes 3 Weeks’ Worth of Nokia User Data

posted Yesterday, 12:35 PM by Eric M. Zeman
updated Yesterday, 1:40 PM

Updated: clarified which Ovi service was affected.

A cooler problem at one of Nokia’s facilities led to a series of catastrophic failures that ended in crashed servers. The servers in question housed user data from Nokia’s Contacts on Ovi service including contact information, photos and other data that had been synced from end-user handsets to Ovi. Despite Nokia’s attempts to repair the problem, the most recent back-up it could restore was dated Jan. 23. Anything uploaded or synced between Jan. 23 and Feb. 9 was completely lost. Nokia apologized for the problem and asked users to give it a second chance.

Now, these are guys who know technology….who know what they’re doing. If they can lose data, anyone can….what impact would this have on a Pharma company? Data losses are not acceptible in this field. This fits in the “things that make you say hmmmm” category for Pharma and related industries.


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