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Wellsphere Affiliation

Posted by tjkuhn on October 15, 2008

I was recently invited by Dr. Geoffrey Rutledge to join the Wellsphere Blogging Community. This was quite a surprise and I was quite flattered.

That being said I wasn’t really sure how I’d fit in at Wellsphere. GxP Zone is a bit of an odd-ball in that community, but I suppose GxP Zone would be a little odd in any blogging community…I really don’t know of any other blog that examines the same sorts of topics in quite the same way. I emailed Geoff and he apparently really liked the post I wrote on ALCOA. In any case, after emailing a bit with Geoff, I’ve decided to join and am excited about the affiliation. Thanks very much.

Top Health Blogger - Wellsphere




2 Responses to “Wellsphere Affiliation”

  1. tjkuhn said

    I really need to setup myself up on Wellsphere. I haven’t even done an “about me” section yet. Perhaps tonight.



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