SQA Conference

This weekend, I leave for the week-long SQA conference in Memphis, TN. SQA is the Society of Quality Assurance (www.sqa.org), an organization of Quality Assurance Professionals in the Pharmaceutical (and related) industries. I didn’t make it last year, but I’ve been several times in the past and its usually a really great conference for training, sharing ideas, and “re-centering” away from the store, so to speak. We QA people spend a significant portion of our lives clarifying what it is we do…Its nice to spend some time with people  like Don Barzini (in The Godfather) who “don’t need to be told”.

I’m going to be taking a couple of pre-conference training courses, one on basic GLP (which I haven’t done directly in my career) and another on current (advanced) topics in GCP. I had hoped to present this year (probably on the use of Technology in Clinical Research), but with the job change and such, there really wasn’t time to prepare anything….and it was unclear whether I’d be able to go until about a month ago. Next year for sure.

I’ll try to post an ongoing log of my experiences at the conference and associated commentary. Perhaps it will be of interest to those are unfamiliar with the conference or those who just can’t make it this year (budgets being particularly tight at a number of Pharma companies at this point).



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